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Blue Tit Brooch - my illustration was printed onto sustainable cherry wood and varnished for durability. I love blue tits and this year they've been twittering outside my window like never before.


Symbolising hope, love, and home they felt like the perfect bird to build my new collection around. Would make a lovely accessory to any outfit with its vibrant colours too!


The brooch measures 5cm x 6cm and has a silver-plated 25mm brooch bar back. The sustainable cherry wood is 4mm thick.

Miss Ella's Bunny Mushroom Brooch

  • Miss Ella lives and loves in a fairytale world of wonder and kitties and fluffy pink cream puffs!

    Ahhh okay, she doesn't, she lives in the real world, but do you know what, you can have a lot of magic in the real world and her goal is to help you to tend that magic and curate your own fairytale to make the bumps in the road a little more fun!

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