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The Emma Ball Janie Crow Spirit of Flora small rectangular tin is the perfect storage solution for all your crafting needs. Its compact size makes it great for organizing small items such as beads, buttons, and threads, while its secure lid ensures that everything stays in place.


Whether you use it to store your crafting supplies, small soaps and holiday trinkets, or even sweets and pills, these tins are versatile and functional for any purpose.


The beautiful design inspired by the Spirit of Flora Blanket adds a touch of elegance to your crafting space, and makes it a great gift for any craft enthusiast. Add a touch of style and organization to your crafting or gift store with these charming tins.


The tins measure 9.2cm x 7.2cm and have a depth of 2.6cm.


Emma Ball Janie Crow Spirit of Flora small rectangular Tin

  • Established many moons ago (22 years) by Emma, who just wanted to paint nice pictures. Well, actually more than many moons if you happen to count the years she painted, designed and hand cut stencils to pop onto plant pots! After a visit to Venice, Emma had a yearning to go back to her student Graphic Design roots and illustrate in watercolours once again. So it all began in 2001- having stands at craft shows alongside her Dad with the pots and Emma with her paintings- going on to take a trade stand at the Autumn Fair. It grew from a few mad ideas and a plant pot!

    With a warehouse on the outskirts on Nottingham City Centre, Emma still runs the business with the help of twelve other staff (Mum and Dad still help out), who have all become quite a team! The warehouse is jammed of lovely products and also quite a few old exhibition stands she canna bear to part with as she remembers each and every one of the good, bad and downright ugly trade events! Thankfully there aren’t many ugly ones now!! ;0)

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